We are Platform of Trust
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Last updated: May 11, 2021, 10:12:53 AM | Reading time: 2 min

Platform on Trust harmonizes data from different sources in different formats. It allows data to be connected from any environment or system so that it can be used in any application or interface.

The need for the Platform of Trust data platform originated in Finland in 2016, when a number of real estate and construction professionals woke up to the fact that there is a huge amount of information in the field, but it is not sufficiently utilized with information to help management and business development. The idea of ​​data silhouetted into different systems remained cramped and the idea of ​​a neutral platform emerged that could make the data interoperable with data from other sources.

In November 2018, Vastuu Group Oy (then Suomen Tilaajavastuu) received a total of € 10 million in funding for the construction of the platform, half of which is financed by Business Finland's internationalization and the other half by the owners of Vastuu Group Oy and real estate and construction organizations. On July 1, 2019, Platform of Trust Oy, an independent subsidiary of Responsibility Group Oy, was established.

Our almost two-year-old company is now in a fast-paced age and is expanding from the real estate and construction industry to other industries, not only domestically but also internationally.

The Platform of Trust employs a team of experts in various fields who combine fire to harness data in business and drive change through data. Some of us have been driving business development in companies, we have a strong developer and research background, pioneers in marketing and sales who are enthusiastic, and enthusiastic about digitalization and new business models.

Our common goal is to help our customers leverage their data and make it a success factor for their business. We believe that only silos and cross-border data aggregation enable decision-making, operational optimization, and new business models.