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Occupancy and usage data for smart buildings Thingsee PRESENCE is an essential element of any workplace management solution used to monitor people presence and usage levels of meeting rooms and office desks. Occupancy data can be further used to optimize space usage as well as energy consumption. How many people have visited your spaces? The sensor is also used for visitor counting in smart washrooms. Combined with dispenser fill level data cleaners know where to use their time for cleaning. In addition, the visitor data is used for analysis on what times the washrooms are the busiest, and which washrooms are used the most.

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From a startup to global IoT player

Founded in September 2012, the company started out as a startup of five people, a group of experts from Nokia’s top product development team. With valuable access to the excellent competence in the Oulu region, a team of world-class engineers was assembled and the Haltian story began.

Starting as a product development and design company, one of our first projects was the Oura health ring. Soon after, we started to develop our own IoT products which later became the Thingsee IoT product family. We now have several large, global IoT customers and have delivered over a hundred product design projects to startup companies all over the world.

Thingsee Solution Suite is an application family that is used to operate Thingsee IoT solutions. Its plug-and-play design principle means that the entire organization and the assets can be on-boarded quickly to embark on the lean and always-connected operational model.

Thingsee Solution Suite is a safe, scalable and cost-effective way to implement up to millions of IoT devices. In addition, Haltian support and maintenance are with you every step of the way.

Planner - Manage your IoT

By using desktop tools, the Planner creates and manages all operative roles in the enterprise profile, including the planner, technician, insight, and solution end-user. The planner also plans the field operations and creates job orders for various installations and maintenance tasks.

Technician - For the field jobs

Technicians are provided a dedicated mobile application to smoothly carry out the field jobs – including validating the wireless sensor network, installing new sensors, checking and acknowledging installations, and maintenance tasks related to the assigned job orders. The technicians can download the mobile application online.

Insight - IoT analytics

Service managers can optimize the system, service, and business – based on the enriched data and analytics provided by the insight web dashboard. The dashboard displays the sensor data in graphs across the organization with set alarm levels.

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