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Monthly subscription

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Large business

€99.00 €93.00 / month ( Incl. VAT 0% )
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1 month for free

Product description

The package is well suited for large organizations that sign a lot of documents. All in one!

SignSpace® is a signing service that provides communication tools between signing parties and archives documents electronically.

SignSpace’s features include:
- digital signing
- secure communication
- task management
- delegating task requests and
- viewing and sharing documents.

The service also archives your documents and messages automatically, so that all signing parties have access to them any time they need them.

We care about your data security; all data in the service remains in the European Economic Area.

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SignSpace is a versatile digital signature service with competitive pricing. SignSpace helps you to easily sign documents anywhere and anytime, whether you’re on your computer or your mobile. The service also archives your documents automatically.

Sähköinfo Oy

Sähköinfo Oy is a training and publishing company owned by STUL (The Electrical Contractors´ Association of Finland) that produces useful materials, training and other services for other electrical contractors.

Sähköinfo’s electronic forms were integrated with the SignSpace digital signing service. Our customers have requested the possibility to sign our forms digitally, and SignSpace provided us with the solution we needed. Digital signing is included in our customers’ monthly service fee.

We will continue using SignSpace and also make it a part of our contract management everywhere in the organization. We are also actively looking for other possibilities for collaboration.

Satu Valldén

Service manager

Sähköinfo Oy

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