• Altom Consulting

    Website: altom.com
    Founded: N/A - Location:
  • Codemenders Oy

    Website: codemenders.com
    Founded: N/A - Location: Finland
    Codemenders is a startup founded 2012, which works to make common customer's journey to get customer service easier in Queue Management System market. We do this by providing mobile queuing apps, Qtip.me & Jonoon.fi, which make virtual, remote queuing and online appointment making possible. The app is also Customer Service Management app for staff, and gathers valuable data and automated feedback. We aim to make queuing a profitable part of customer service process by gathering anonymous data, which can be utilized in improving the quality of customer experience and productivity of staff, and to prepare for new requirements. We want to provide simple, versatile solution, which does not require any installed hardware to work, and is accessible to various customer groups. Sustainability, efficiency and equality are important to us. We let customer also utilize their waiting time in whichever they want to, at these times also creating safer customer journey applying restrictions in service process.
  • Data Product Business

    Founded: N/A - Location: Finland

    We provide Data Strategy consulting as well as data product design services and tools. We'll train your data management staff for the needs the of data economy! ​ Tools such as Data marketplaces and platforms offer you HOW to do it, you still need to figure out WHY and WHAT as business objectives and strategy. This is what Data Product Toolkit™ is for.

    Data Product Business is part of MindMote company.


  • Demola Global Oy

    Website: www.demola.net
    Founded: 2011-01-01 - Location: Finland
    Demola is a global community of university students, organizations and foresight experts, all driven by the desire to create impact with meaningful topics.
  • Eneron Oy

    Founded: N/A - Location: Finland
    Energy and facility management company. Supplies energy data platform Eneron Online with consumption and cost-based analytics and follow-up for optimized energy efficiency renovations Total Energy Management services. Serving big companies with a large amounts of properties/buildings. Largest customer portfolio consisting of more than 600 buildings. Developing a new platform for wider scope: TALO Platform Google decided to include TALO Platform into their early adopters' program for Flutter based solutions that target mobile, desktop, and web.
  • Haltian

    Founded: N/A - Location: Finland
    From a startup to global IoT player

    Founded in September 2012, the company started out as a startup of five people, a group of experts from Nokia’s top product development team. With valuable access to the excellent competence in the Oulu region, a team of world-class engineers was assembled and the Haltian story began.

    Starting as a product development and design company, one of our first projects was the Oura health ring. Soon after, we started to develop our own IoT products which later became the Thingsee IoT product family. We now have several large, global IoT customers and have delivered over a hundred product design projects to startup companies all over the world.
  • Kupari Solutions Oy

    Founded: N/A - Location: Finland
    The history of Kupari Solutions Oy begins in 1976, when Insinööritoimisto Kupari Oy began operations. Our company's business has crystallized with the IT transformation of society from HVAC design and energy auditing into an IT company. Today, AVUX is the most used and most extensive property management on the market work supervision system. The system is used by more than 20,000 active users every day. Our company's offices are located in Jyväskylä and Espoo. All systems are our own production, Finnish work. System development takes place in very close cooperation with all our customers. We work in interface with all key players in the industry. We offer our customers a very reliable partnership and customer service.
  • Platform Of Trust

    Founded: N/A - Location: Finland

    Platform of Trust harmonizes incompatible data coming from various sources, enabling it to be merged and utilized. Our platform reduces the need for integration significantly which does not only save time and money but reduces time-to-market span for services built on our platform.


    • FOUNDED JULY 1ST, 2019
  • Polku Innovations Oy

    Founded: N/A - Location: Finland
    We will help you solve the challenges related to the digitalization of the built environment. We have a lot of experience and expertise in this. We also have a good understanding of the industry. In our solutions, we utilize ready-made application components and reference architectures. Our solutions are based on industry standards and the best application development methods. We do not compromise on quality.
  • SignSpace

    Founded: N/A - Location: Finland
    SignSpace is a versatile digital signature service with competitive pricing. SignSpace helps you to easily sign documents anywhere and anytime, whether you’re on your computer or your mobile. The service also archives your documents automatically.
  • Vastuu Group

    Founded: N/A - Location: Finland
    We promote the digitalisation of the built environment and help sector companies comply with their legal obligations. Our services make the daily operations of companies easier. We create a better and more sustainable life for people and the environment through reliable data.
  • Watts-ON Consultants

    Founded: N/A - Location: Ireland
    Who we are

    Watts-ON Consultants is a privately-owned water and energy consultancy company founded in 2017 by Davide Bertelli (CEng), Dr. Cedric Rodrigues (CEng, PhD) and Giovanni Lupaldi (CEng, CEnv, CEM and ESOS LA). We are now a bigger team with Andras Szollar bringing in sustainability knowledge. We are a group of enthusiastic consultants, chartered engineers and software developers who have combined their global professional knowledge to help high energy and water users to reduce their utility consumption and running costs.

    How we work

    We work side by side with your team guiding your staff to achieve your sustainability targets and reduce your operational cost using our unique team working approach.